Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sugar in the Raw: A Very Short Play About Something I Saw Today


Man: A man in his late thirties.
Woman: A woman in her late thirties.


The present.


The kitchen of a corporate office. The Woman is stirring a cup of tea on the counter, by a rack displaying a colorful variety of sweetener packets. A cup of coffee and a gallon of milk sit on the counter a few feet away. A few feet farther still, the Man stands holding a second gallon of milk which he has just removed from the refrigerator.

Man (holding the milk and staring at the other milk on the counter): I already took out milk.

Woman: Hmm?

Man: What am I doing? I already have milk. I am losing my mind. (Opens the fridge and puts the second milk back on its shelf.) Donna, can you get me one of those Sugars in the Raw?

Woman: Sugar in the Raw?

Man (closing the refrigerator door): Um-hmm.

Woman (as she hands the Man a packet of Sugar in the Raw): My cousin’s husband designed the logo for this.

Man: Sugar in the—?

Woman: Raw. Yup.

Man: Raw. Wow.