Thursday, October 09, 2008

Take (To the Item)

You may think GATT stands for General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. I learned otherwise at my Duane Reade today. I was waiting at the pharmacy counter in the back of the store, a tiny, two-aisle outpost that opened weeks ago just as the big one a couple of blocks down closed, a sign of these lean times, perhaps. The workers-only area behind the counter already had a sign up warning employees: "No cellphones, no food, no drink, no magazines." I imagined this had been mandated by the crotchety old pharmacist in charge, a living New York City type: brusque, gruff, bitter, unfulfilled; and yet charmingly chatty when the mood struck. Beside this sign was another, more fascinating one:

Always remember GATT!!

G - Greet
A - Anticipate
T - Take (to the item)
T - Thank