Thursday, March 27, 2008

You know that thing that happens when you're walking along and you think of someone for no good reason, someone you know, some friend or just a friend of a friend, and you're thinking how weird it would be if you saw that person right now, emerging between the sets of people all moving crosscurrent before you, on the sidewalk on Sixth Avenue right about 52nd Street. Because you were just thinking about them. And it hasn't happened yet of course so you think about how extra weird it would be if now that you're thinking about how weird it would be, they in fact do appear. And since you're thinking about how weird it would be to see them when you're thinking about how weird it would be to see them when you're thinking about them, now you're really thinking about thinking about thinking about it now, and you decide that if you see them at this point, you're just going to have to hurl yourself under a bus, because it's all over. There'd be no other proper reaction. And once you've introduced that perverse and nihilistic fantasy into your logic, you decide that, well, now, if you happen to see them, say in the next five seconds or so, it's really, really, really, really going to blow your mind. It'd be the heaviest thing to ever happen to anyone, anywhere - no, wait, now, now it'd be heavier still, because you're realizing how incredibly crazy it would be if you saw them now. NOW! With your mind aflame at the very thought! You're practically trembling at the prospect of such a powerful confluence of mind and matter. It'd be like the cold hand of God reaching down and gripping your shoulder while you tied your shoes. It'd be a bolt of right out of the blue, enough to teach you that nothing means everything. And guess what happens?

Of course not.

But tomorrow? There they ARE!