Monday, September 18, 2006

I suspected that Steve had passed out. I sensed this as my attention shifted drearily from the television to my laptop screen. It seemed there was a new stillness in the room due to the removal of an animated element. I turned my neck lazily, expecting to see him prone, eyes closed, mouth agape, in the posture of one who has retreated into slumber. But his eyes were open and directed toward his laptop, on the coffee table before him. Though he was reclining he held his head up off the pillow. His index finger was poised on the keyboard, as though he were studiously contemplating whether to click. However, he remained perfectly motionless. I turned away and turned back a minute or two later. He was in precisely the same position. I turned away again, trying not to get his attention and thereby disturb his reverie. When I looked again minutes later he was still in precisely the same pose, finger on the key, on the precipice of triggering some action but never doing so.