Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Modification of pertussis toxin

This morning at the snack stand in Central Park.

The Russian snack stand.

With display case: Seran generic muffin; German candy, also Czech; cookie chocolate-chip and black-and-white.

A taste of heaven on earth.

I ask for a plain bagel. Toasted, a little cream cheese.

"Yessir! Bagel. We got a plain bagel, poppy seed and uh, everything."

"I'll have a plain bagel."

"You got it!"

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Stable non-aqueous blends for personal care compositions

A few seconds pass. He saws at the invisible roll.

"Do you have iced coffee?" I ask. It's goddamned hot by the way. 95 degrees or whatever.

"No, no ice coffee."

"OK. A coffee, plain, black, no sugar."

"You got it!"

He takes the bagel out the oven and spreads the cream cheese from the vat. He sets it upon a paper plate and tops it with a clutch of napkins. Like I'll be taking it across the lawn to Aunt Matilda.

"Three twenny-fife."

I put a fiver down and rustle up a quarter too.

"Fife twenny fife!"

He lays out my two bucks change.

"Thank you!" I say. And lift the plate and bagel and goddamn napkins and balance it all on the coffee which is hot as fuck and I do mean hot as fuck. I put one of the fucking napkins around the coffee cup but still.

"You welcome! You got it!"

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Concentrated built liquid detergents containing a dye-transfer inhibiting additive