Saturday, June 24, 2006

Somewhere in the world it's raining hard and I like to think about that.

One night I fucked a girl on the L-shaped sofa in my friend's parents' living room. Some drunk, young girl I kind of remembered from high school. Everybody upstairs.

I didn't ask, but she said the reason she let me fuck her is: She likes guys in bands.

After some exertions I came into the unfathomable darkness inside her. At once I evidently was despondent and remorseful, and said or acted to the effect.

I recall realizing she might perceive this as a slight and so steered my melancholy musings toward the abstract.

And that's when she was moved to ask me.

Did I think I would ever do anything bad to anyone. Do I think about doing bad things. She asked.

She seemed quite concerned.

With my softening cock inside her still I reassured her best I could.