Monday, May 10, 2010

The Streak - 81

"So you're comfortable with the plan, Thel?" asked Matt.

"You don't mind if he calls you Thel?" added Joe.

"Nobody calls me that."

"You're comfortable with your consideration?" Joe continued.

"My what?"

"The consideration we've outlined. In exchange for your participation in the plan."

"My payment you mean?"

Joe brought his finger brusquely to his lips. "You're not supposed to call it that. As per the contract. Section fifteen dash four."

"My consideration. Of ten thousand dollars."

"That's the magic number."

"I am comfortable with that."

"You understand that you are not being asked to perform any act upon the subject which may be offensive to you," Matt reiterated.

"Although you're free to if you so desire," said Joe.

"What? No! Yuck."

Joe put his hands up in deference. "We don't pretend to know. We don't pretend to understand."

"People do things," chimed in Matt. "People are free."

"Can I go now?" asked Thelxie.

"You've got the ring?" asked Joe.

Thelxie put her Fendi purse up on the table and rummaged through.

"Yeah. I think so. Yeah. Hold on–"

"That's a real World Series ring, you know." Joe turned to Matt. "Is it your ring or my ring?"

"It's your ring. Where's my ring?" Matt patted the pockets of his blazer.

"It's your ring. Is it my ring?"

Matt looked down at his hand.

"My ring's on my finger, Joe."

"Must be my ring then."

"Takin' one for the team," said Matt, giving his boss a little punch on the elbow.

"Here it is! I got it. I got it," exclaimed Thelxie, producing the garish jewel from her bag. It had an N and a Y done up in diamonds.

"That's it. OK. Keep it safe," said Joe.

"Have we tested it?" Matt asked Joe.

"The ring has been prepared and tested," Joe declared. And at that the strange trio stood and exited the conference room. Matt shut out the lights.

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