Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Streak - 79

I call Kyle from the lobby of the Hard Rock.

"I'm in town, bro."

"What town? This town?"

"For what it's worth."

"Why the fuck aren't you in St. Louis?"

"Dontcha read the papers?"

"You know I hate words."

"They say I got undisclosed personal reasons."

"So what's the actual reason?"

"Remember those girls? Allegedly terroristic?"


"That one Thelxie, she comes to find me."

"To kill you? Or to fuck you?"

"Well I woke up in the morning."

"That's a positive."

"She tells me I'm still in danger. Now she's spilling the beans to the Thompson Twins."

"The fucknik brothers."

"And plus I met my double."


"In an elevator."

"How did you know it was him?"

"I recognized him."

"Then what?"

"Then what. Cocksucker nearly killed me."

"He nearly killed you?"

"Where are you? You can see for yourself."


"I'm checking in. I'll see you there."

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