Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Streak - 73

Who was he? He was aware of a vaporous yet manifest entity called him that occupied a pocket of the universe. I am aware, he thought. I am a where.

Does this thing even have a name? Evan.

I am aware therefore I am a where.

Where fuck am I?

Some bed. A bed that's not my own. Toronto? No. Baltimore? No. Tampa? No. Arlington, Anaheim, Seattle? No. Keep guessing. Not Boston, Kansas City, nor Detroit. Maybe Chicago?

Not Chicago. No, this is an unfamiliar place. A pure National League city. A city where pitchers come up to bat, stand like they're raking the lawn and swing meekly at their counterparts' heat. Is this the World Series?

No. It's the All-Star Game. I'm in St. Louis. Now it's all falling into place. Last night, Thelxie at the bar. Matt and Joe. Did I fuck her? Is this thing beside me her?

It's her.

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