Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Streak - 55

After their 27th loss in a row, the Yankees sat mutely in the visitors' clubhouse. Evan, Esteban, Sug and Trainer Mike were gambling their per diems at poker. It was dealer's choice and Esteban called Follow the Queen. There was some grumbling.

"Don't you know any man's games?" Evan asked.

"Eban, Eban. At lease I no strike out three time in one game," Esteban said. "Strike out lookin'."

The others made pained oohs and braced themselves for a scene.

"Twice, goddammit. Not three times," Evan protested sharply.

"Twice lookin'?"

"No! Twice total. Once lookin'," Evan declared. Here he was trying to explain that he only struck out twice. Could God please hurry up and kill him?

"Two time, three time," Esteban said with a shrug. "Three time a lady."

Evan promptly picked up his suited ten-two and tossed it at his teammate's face. Esteban sat rigidly for a moment and no one was really sure what was about to happen.

"Congratulation Eban," he finally said. "You deedn't throw the cards ober my head."

Evan lunged at Esteban and knocked him backwards in his folding chair. The men wrestled awkwardly on the floor, grasping and pawing, Evan trying in vain to free a hand with which to punch.

Sug and Mike hovered above them, enthralled at first but then determined to intervene.

"Guys! Guys! Guys!" they shouted, pulling at Evan's arms and shoulders.

Others hurried over and soon Evan was stood up, still hot, flailing at anyone within reach. Here he was the desperate defeated. The humiliated transgressor. Too proud to concede to foe nor truth.

Jim Bosworth walked over slowly and waited for Evan's spasms to abate. Finally he delivered the third baseman a perfunctory reprimand and levied a $75 fine. But in reality, he was pleased.

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