Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Streak - 40

The antiseptic blast of cocaine provided the desired effect and for a few minutes Kyle and Evan chattered and drank mechanically. Soon two beautiful, dark-haired women in tight, black dresses walked up to the bar, their faces flush and mouths fixed in the odd smirk that, it seemed to Evan, women always bore when they approached him like this.

"Hi guys!" the first one said, suggestively stretching out the syllable in "guys." Guuyyys.

"Hello ladies!" Kyle responded.

"I'm Thelxie," she said, offering a dainty handshake.

"I know you're sexy, but what's your name?" said Kyle.

Thelxie giggled. "Thelxie, Thelxie, Thelxie!"

"Say it three times fast." The women laughed; Evan rolled his eyes.

"Sexy Thelxie over here," said Kyle. "And what's your name? Sexy Sadie?"

Evan watched Kyle operate, feeling, as usual, admiration and disgust in equal measure. Kyle was made for this. He could say absolutely anything to girls. He had the mojo; it was a thing to witness. He could tell a girl he'd just shit his pants and she'd find a way to think it was adorable and sexy. Course, it didn't hurt he was a major leaguer.

"I'm Tania," the other said, offering her hand as well. "Wow, I can't believe we're meeting you guys!"

"No," said Kyle. "I can't believe we're meeting you ladies!" He smiled radiantly at his own charm. Everybody laughed again. Jeezus, thought Evan.

"Sorry about the game today," said Thelxie. She tilted her head and made the most extravagantly pitiable sad-puppy expression possible, her mouth an inverted U.

"And the game yesterday," added Tania. "And, you know," she added, her voice trailing off, "all the other games... and everything."

Kyle and Evan tensed up and shifted on their barstools. Just as Kyle could say anything to women, it had to be noted: they could say anything back.

"Thanks, girls," said Evan tersely. "We're trying to put it all behind us now." He rattled the ice in his glass by way of illustration.

"By the way, what's everybody drinking?" said Kyle, happy for the subject to change.

"Stoli Vanilla and Diet Coke," said Thelxie.

"Green apple martini," said Tania.

"That will match your eyes," said Kyle. With that remark he lay claim to her; doing so more out of expediency than preference. Truth is, they both were stunning. The women responded instinctively to Kyle's maneuver, subtly repositioning themselves in proximity to their designated men.

"You're a little quiet, Evan," Thelxie said. Her voice had a honeyed timbre, a little lower than you would expect, and a lulling musicality. Evan took his last sip of whisky and let the rocks crash on his nose.

"I'll perk up," he said.

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