Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Streak - 21

"My hand hurts like a cocksucker, I will tell you that," said Kyle, still in his towel, dripping water on the parquet floor.

"Maybe you should masturbate more carefully," said Evan.

"Faggot," replied Kyle.

"How is your hand?" said Evan.

"What did I just tell you."

"Did they -"

"They did the MRI. The results came back hurts like a cocksucker."


"Sit down a minute. I just got out of the shower. Want some cocaine? Bullet's on the desk. I mean the table. No, the desk. Look for it, will ya? Look for it!"

"No shit you just got out of the shower."

Evan sat down on Kyle's sofa, a sofa not unlike his own, and gazed upon the coffee table, a glass-top number like his own, but there was something underfoot that Evan wouldn't ever own: a zebra skin rug.

"How about that Mick Jagger, huh?" said Kyle from the bathroom. "That Sir Mick."

"Yeah, he's fucking dead, dude," said Evan. "Was I right or was I right? Did I tell you or did I tell you?"

"I was too high to comprehend. Don't speak to me of no calamities when I'm high," said Kyle.

"Didn't you shower after the game?"

For a few seconds, Evan thought Kyle hadn't heard him. He spied the bullet near his feet, half-buried in the pelt's striped hair. Suddenly, Kyle was standing there in his towel, holding his toothbrush in one hand and an uncapped tube of Aquafresh in the other, mouth agape in an expression of mild pique.

"I like to shower. OK?"

"How many times a day do you shower, Kyle?"

"Some guys like the cock in the mouth. This guy likes to shower," Kyle said, gesturing at his torso with his toothbrush. "What's wrong with that?"

"Fucking girl."

"Fucking homo."

"Go brush your teeth. I found your bullet."

"I have some ideas about drugs I want to talk to you about," said Kyle on the way back to the bathroom.

Evan plucked the bullet off the rug. "I'll look forward to hearing them," he said as he turned the valve and placed the tapered tip below his nostril. He pressed the other closed and snorted brusquely, welcoming again that bracing, acrid burst upon his membrane. He turned on CNN.

"... are pouring in from around the world. Pope Benedict gave a brief memorial after mass today in which he cited Sir Jagger's uplifting influence on the common people, quoting a passage from the song 'Salt of the Earth,' and noted the important role played by popular music in modern Western culture generally as well as the many charitable activities of his ex-wife, Bianca."

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