Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Streak - 19

Evan watched his plate of kung pao chicken as it rotated in the microwave's mysterious, unincandescent heat. A sinister hum played as the seconds counted down. He thought of that weird movie he saw years ago with Denise. Where a trapped chicken dances in circles on a similar platform. It's kind of funny, here we are.

A snorting rattle erupted from the other room. His phone was abuzz on the coffee table. Kyle.

"What's up?"

"What's up?"

"I'm about to eat some reheated kung pao chicken."

"Then what?"

"Prolly hang myself. Then a little Xbox."

"Then what really?"

"You know, I don't know. Let's go out."

"Come over in an hour."

The microwave dinged and Evan took his too-hot plate to the sofa, cursing fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck with every step. Anderson Cooper's young-old face was on the screen. Evan unpressed mute.

"... to our London correspondent Nic Robertson. Nic, what do we know about the facts surrounding Sir Mick Jagger's death so far?"

"Anderson, we know nothing yet regarding the circumstances surrounding Jagger's death."

"What are the authorities saying?"

"There was a press conference this morning as you know, during which a Scotland Yard spokesman stated that the death is under investigation and that there was no information to divulge. I asked him whether they were in possession of any information and were refusing to divulge it or whether there was no information in the first place. He told me he could not provide me with that information as the investigation is ongoing."

"Have you heard anything in terms of foul play?"

"There's nothing but speculation so far, Anderson. There are rumors regarding the presence and the absence of foul play but it wouldn't be responsible of me to repeat those without any confirmation or evidence whatsoever."

"Nic, do we in fact know -"

"There is some speculation that... sorry, Anderson."

"I'm sorry, Nic. Go ahead."

"There is some speculation of course that the death might be of a natural or accidental nature as well."

"Nic, are you suggesting we don't actually yet know the cause of death?"

"That's right, Anderson. We do not yet know the cause of death."

"Nic, do we have confirmation that Sir Mick is, in fact, dead?"

"Oh yes, Anderson. He's dead. Back to you."

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