Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Streak - 8

Kyle was indistinctly involved with the other girl, his back to Evan. In the darkness it was hard to tell. For all Evan knew she had Kyle's cock between her tits. Or they were talking about their parents. Kyle reached out and slapped Evan on the shoulder.

"You got the goods?"

Evan didn't hear what Kyle said but he knew it meant yes. Kyle reached into the right pocket of his jacket and brought out something in his fist. Evan held out his hand and presently there appeared in the palm of his hand a glass bullet with about two grams of cocaine. Evan twisted the valve and applied the bullet to his right nostril, closed his left with his left index finger, and took a hungry snort. Immediately he smelled the Band-Aid smell of blow suffusing his nasal cavity, and felt that familiar, cold and sterile burn. Then he tasted the sickly, bitter drip go down the back of his throat and it felt like someone had opened up his heart and shined a flashlight in. He'd needed a pick-me-up.

"Lemme get a taste," said Kyle.

"Ladies first," said Juniper, and Evan dutifully passed it to her, and she did some and handed it to Kyle, who handed it to whatshername, why is it that Kyle didn't introduce her yet by name? Should I ask her what her name is?, thought Evan, but would he think I wanted to fuck her? No, I'll ask him what her name is - but then Jupiter or Mars will be upset; I'll ask her what the other girl's name is: "What's your friend's name?" Evan foresaw himself asking, or better yet: "So, what's your friend's name?" because it sounds nicer that way somehow, with the so, but why do I care about a stripper's feelings?

"Oh yeah, Mick Jagger died."


"Mick Jagger died."


"Mick. Jagger. Died."


"Mick Jagger died of the Rolling Stones."

"I can't hear you," Kyle said, craning his head ever closer.

"Don't come near me with your ugly head."

"What did you say about death?"

"I said Mick Jagger is dead."

"You did not just say Mick Jagger is dead."

"I've said it many times and I'll say it again."

"There is no way Mick fucking Jagger is fucking dead!"

There was a pause and everything and everybody in the room seemed to pulse with breathless desperation.

"We live in unusual times, my friend."

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